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Delatite Metal Seated Ball Valves

DP Valve Spares Ltd is now the UK distributor for Delatite Valves. 

Delatite Valves Pty. Ltd. have been established to provide valve solutions to the Power Industry and all users of High Pressure High Temperature Isolations valves.

The directors of Delatite Valves have been providing valve solutions for over 35 years and it is with this experience and understanding of customer needs that the Delatite Range of High Pressure, High Temperature, Zero Leakage, Metal Seated, Ball Valves and Control Valves were designed and developed.

The aim has been to use the latest technology and world best practice in High Pressure Ball Valves.

Control Valves and Severe service Control valves.

All Delatite Ball Valves are Zero Leakage Metal Seated.

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Telephone: +44 (0) 1386 760033

  • 2 Piece (APV-LLK-2)

    2 Piece (APV-LLK-2)

    Zero Leakage, High Pressure, High Temperature, Metal Seated.

    2-Pc Metal Seated Ball Valve
  • Full Port (AMBV)

    Full Port (AMBV)

    Eliminates premature valve failure caused by Errosion, Corrosion, High Velocity, Seat Leakage, High Temperature & Thermal Shock.

    Full Port Zero Leakage Valve
  • 1 Piece (APV-LLK-1)

    1 Piece (APV-LLK-1)

    Click on the link below for Delatite 1 Piece Metal Seated Ball Valves.

    1-Pc Metal Seated Ball Valve
  • 3 Piece (APV-LLK-3)

    3 Piece (APV-LLK-3)

    Repairable in Line, Blow-Out Proof Stem, Zero Leakage, High Pressure, High Temperature, Metal Seated, Repairable.

    3-Pc Metal Seated Ball Valve